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Immersive Media Production

We're a team of creative professionals who believe in the potential of technology to redefine the boundaries of storytelling. Whether on location or in the studio, we provide end-to-end immersive experience production for web, social media, and virtual reality platforms.

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Full Service Producton
  • Turnkey VR Experiences

    Our nuanced understanding of 360º capture and our proven VR post-production and media distribution pipeline combine to create tailored brand experiences from start to finish. Learn more about our process.

  • Dynamic Capture

    Our customized cameras and advanced stitching workflow produce high frame rate, extreme resolution, monoscopic and stereoscopic 360º video content for playback on desktop, mobile and Virtual Reality devices.

  • Customized Stitching Pipeline

    From capture to delivery we use a combination of industry leading tools as well as our own proprietary software to produce seamless cinematic experiences. We embrace cutting-edge technology in order to bring immersive storytelling to life.

  • Media Distribution

    We offer an ever growing number of distribution options, ranging from social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to customized web players and branded VR viewers. Learn why it's never been easier to experience VR content.

À La Carte
  • Equipment rentals

    Shooting your own project? We rent panoramic capture systems capable of recording video at resolutions up to 8K and beyond. Contact us for our available 360º camera rigs and pricing. Need help? See about our Training services.

  • Training

    Let our experienced team members walk you through every aspect of 360º film making, from basic camera operation and file management to advanced stitching and editing with industry leading production tools. Individual and group rates available.

  • Stitching and editing services

    High quality, fast-turnaround stitching and editing services for pre-shot footage recorded on any multi-camera VR rig. From small GoPro rigs to cinema grade 4K+ cameras, we deliver fine-stitched renders that minimize sync and parralax issues.

  • Custom Google Cardboard viewers

    Enhance your brand experience with custom printed Google Cardboard viewers. Use your existing logo and corporate colors, or have us develop a design to match any campaign. Perfect for events and promotions. Bulk pricing available.

Professional VR solutions for any field
  • Tourism & Travel

  • Education

  • Concerts, Sports & Special Events

  • News & Documentary

  • Interactive Marketing & Advertising

  • Showcases & Product Launches

  • Real Estate

  • Remote Training

Our Process
  • 1


    Identify project goals and resolve roadblocks to develop an experience that tells your brand’s story best

  • 2


    Record extreme resolution, high-frame-rate monoscopic or stereoscopic real-time 360º video

  • 3

    Quick Stitch

    Ingest digital assets and rough-stitch video proofs

  • 4


    Fine-stitch approved footage, final titles and color correction

  • 5


    Publish final assets through social media platforms or custom web player

How to Experience Virtual Reality

With the introduction of VR headseats from Samsung, Oculus and HTC, and native 360º video support from social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, it's never been easier to experience VR. We provide future-proof deployment solutions to ensure that whether you own a virtual reality system or not, it's easy to experience immersive content over a multitude of devices and social media services.

There are three basic options for watching VR:
  • A dedicated headset

    Dedicated systems like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR offer the highest quality playback resolution and sense of immersion, but require a computer or game console to power them.

  • A phone based VR headset

    Headsets like Samsung's Gear VR and Google's Daydream View and Cardboard viewers rely on a cellphone as a display, but are cheap, easily customizable and immersive.

  • Web/mobile player

    Even without a VR display, it's easy to view immersive content. Native support from Facebook and YouTube offers an easy way to deploy and watch videos, or embed videos directly into your site with a customized web player.

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